YYC Petal Project is a non-profit initiative that collects pre-loved flowers from weddings, events and businesses. We rearrange florals into smaller bouquets and deliver them to those around Calgary who will benefit from an unexpected gesture of kindness.

Flowers are among one of the easiest ways to add a little bit of beauty in our lives. Historically, they've remained an impactful way to communicate human emotions without saying a word, whether it be for celebration, sympathy or apology. They're personal, powerful and pleasing.

As such a sentimental and integral part of weddings, we started to wonder what happens to the floral arrangements after a couple's big day. We came to understand that in a lot of circumstances, flowers are left behind and thrown out as part of next-day cleanup, despite being a significant component that's been carefully designed by florists to capture a couple's vision.

The 2017 wedding season was in full swing, so we reached out to local brides-to-be and asked if they had plans for their flowers after their special day, and if they'd be willing to donate them to be gifted to people who could benefit from the emotional boost. We picked up our first donation in August, broke arrangements into 24 small bouquets and delivered them to a shelter for women leaving domestic violence. After all the hugs and thank-yous, it was clear how impactful a small gesture is for individuals' wellbeing, and so the project was born.