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DH Calgary Staff, Aug 23, 2017, 3:06 am

"It’s wedding season, and that means the floral business is thriving.

But have you wondered what happens to the flowers after people say “I do?”

Local Calgarian Kendahl Cowan has come up with an amazing idea for those unused flowers and has started a flower donation program called “YYC Petal Project.”

On an Instagram post, Cowan says she wants to start a movement/project where instead of people throwing out their flowers she’ll collect them and gift them”to people who could genuinely benefit from the joy that accompanies receiving flowers.”

Her first delivery was a few days ago where Cowan took bouquets from a wedding, “broke them down into 24 (of these) small bouquets and delivered them to a shelter for women leaving domestic violence.”

Cowan’s call to action is simple. If you know anyone who is getting married, hosting an event, or knows people who are where floral arrangements will be incorporated and want to have them re-purposed, send her a message via Instagram or email and she’ll pick them up and donate them somewhere else.

Already Cowan was contacted by a bride and made this delivery to the Calgary Ronald McDonald house yesterday.