Roses For Margot Rose


Last week we received a phone call from a lady named Marie who said that she had heard of us through social media and was wondering if we could help her out with something. Marie went on to tell me that her 18-month-old niece had undergone open heart surgery in Edmonton to correct a portion of her heart that had thickened due to a genetic condition.

Marie's niece is named Margot Rose, so she envisioned having roses at the family house for when Margot's family arrived back in Calgary as a welcome home gift. 40 roses and 5 arrangements later, "Roses for Margot Rose" was a success. Marie and I chatted briefly when we met about how Margot's heart condition impacted her life before surgery, ultimately restricting her from taking part in activities where her heart rate would increase. Margot's surgery went well, and moving forward the doctors are hopeful that she will be able to live an active life.

You'd never be able to tell what she's been through by the big smile on her face, Margot truly is such a sweet little inspiration and show of resilience. We've shed a lot of happy tears over the last day, and couldn't be more honored to have been a small part in this cutie's welcome home.