Visual Hues Photography x YYCPP - Photo Session Fundraiser!

Courtesy of Visual Hues Photography.

Courtesy of Visual Hues Photography.

About a month ago we shared a story on our Facebook page about how YYC Petal Project had been approached by our new friend Janet of Visual Hues Photography, who wanted to organize a fundraiser for us in memory of her mother.

Janet very openly regrets not taking many pictures as an adult with her mother before she passed away and is kindly donating her skills as a photographer so that others can have pictures to keep of themselves and their parents. The photo sessions will be held Sunday, April 8th at Vale's Greenhouse in Black Diamond, a space that holds a special place in Janet's heart as her mother worked here before she got sick.

We're really excited for this event, and invite all you adult-children to bring your parents, grandparents, partner, or someone else special to you to have your pictures taken and help us raise money for our initiative! 

Read more about Janet's story and information to book your session here: