Floral Donations

Weddings & Events:
By donating your pre-loved event florals, you reduce waste and extend the joy of your special day beyond your guest list. We deeply appreciate all volumes of donations and collect next-day florals to repurpose them into smaller bouquets to be delivered around the community. 

We happily accept all types of personal donations, whether it be working together on a donation to memorialize someone special or repurposing a bouquet you've received that you'd like to gift to someone else.

Spread a little kindness in the community by donating your office's weekly florals as part of our Floral Friday initiative, or work with us on a larger donation that expresses your company values.

Container Donations

Have a few spare containers? We're always in need of vases, mason jars and transport bins for our bouquets.We don't discriminate around here and are more than happy to accept donations of old and new containers, in whatever shapes, sizes, and colours you have! Having a commitment to reducing waste includes recycling containers to divert waste from landfills — or simply from taking up space in your cupboards.


Please contact us if you'd like to donate to the project in another way.